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Nail Daren Salon Do you want to make beautiful nails? Today we have a special nail design in our salon which called Nail Daren Salon. You can choose from a large variety of nail colors, accessories, nail shapes, diamonds and even beautiful rings which will make your hands look feminine and gorgeous. Give it a try and let your nails be decorated by our artist. Enjoy it.




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  1. ThatsMyTrunks says:

    I came into article this thinking “Huh, maybe I’d be willing to play something by Big Red Button in the future”, but when it came to the segment about Sonic Boom, and Rafei saying he didn’t expect that kind of backlash to the game, it shows me that he has no idea what he’s doing.nNo competent director could take a look at the final product, even days before the release of the game, and think to himself, “Well we didn’t fuck this up too bad.”nSonic Boom was a conglomeration of bad choices and poorly implemented tech. Maybe scale was an issue, but they didn’t even have the core tenets of a decent game in place, much less a Sonic the Hedgehog game. There was no focus on building momentum, there was no decent fighting system, and Tails couldn’t even fly.nIf I had worked on this game, and seen it through to its finished state, there’s no way I could reflect on Boom’s critical respo1e with shock. And that tells me that Rafei must be disconnected from reality.nMaybe their next game will be great. Maybe they’ll get their gameplay systems down, use an engine they’re familiar with, and work on a platform that can properly handle what they’re doing. And maybe they’ll get their scheduling down so they don’t rush for a release deadline. But I won’t touch it until they’ve proven they know what they’re doing.

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