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Hidden Master 8 Hidden Master 8 challenges you to find all 125 hidden objects scattered across a cool painting. Choose between 2 difficulty modes and collect all the lost items. The hard mode will give you more points for each found object. Enjoy Hidden Master 8!




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  1. zxy says:

    AC and AC II were a blast to me, but i really had a hard time finishing Brotherhood and Revelatio1. As much as i liked the whole world of AC:B/AC:Rv, in some parts it felt like it was holding story back. Near the end in both games it was like “WOAH, what the hell? what? who? WHY? – DANG – The End” but before that it was sometimes really slow.nOn the other hand, i bought ACIII and i really dig it. The new setting is perfect.n3 Games (ACII, AC:B, AC:Rv) in the nearly same era (year wise) was to much for my taste. Also i would love to explore more of the “real life” story behind Desmond and the other characte1. ACIII tries to do that quite well (the Trai1tation)nI hope the AC “Grand Finale” would be a complete Desmond Story. No Animus, only “Real Life Desmond”.

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