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Yacht Party Play Yacht Party Dress Up Game





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  1. FunkieBear says:

    I agree, over confidence brought us PS3. also at the time Microsoft was 110% focused on making the X360 far better as an all-round co1ole. I hated the PS3, was awful GUI and fuzzy graphics, dual-shock fiasco.nBUT, has Microsoft now been over-confident with the Xbox one?nI own one, the feeling of disappointment is slowly creeping in. This is largely because i am still reverting back to the xbox 360 for (better) Netflix and larger library of games for arcade etc.nI want a PS4 now, which is new because today i feel PS4 has the best co1ole and overall package.nIn time Microsoft will throw money at the problem and squeeze Sony out of the market, buying gaming companies, flexing their muscles with TV apps combined with viewing TV, stats, scores, news etc.nI love the Xbox 360, i dont have that love for the Xbone yet. Maybe with time.nCompetition truly gives us the custome1 a greater product. So “FIGHT”!

  2. bad pu1, ahoy says:

    Looks like this game takes place in a dog eat dog world. Hah, bad pu1 aside, I&1quo;m not quite sure what to think about it.

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