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Breaker! A fast paced platformer in which you have to dodge the enemies and break all the blocks to complete the level. Old school graphics and sound makes this game entertaining. Each level gets harder and more various obstacles to overcome.




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  1. need4speeder says:

    with my PERSONAL experience with Criterio1 (Hot pu1uit) (MOSTWANTED) and Ghost games RIVAL they both have BURNOUT engine mech. now if they dont re-make or copy BLACKBOX studio mech. of HOTPURSUIT 2 Ghost games will be a flop like criterion 2 attempts.nwhat ghost games need to do is get rid of ALL-DRIVE and AUTOLOG crap. all they need to do is really bring it back to it&1quo;s ps2 roots with no new add on. im sure they can make N4S online/offline without autolog and all drive and drifting around each corner. it is the co1tant drifting is what make it feel like burnout paradise and that is why i return criterio1 2 games and rival. i want NEED FOR FU&1quo;KING SPEED not need for burnout clone speed.

  2. Ziggi1 says:

    With so many votes per second right when the poll started. We actually HAVE that many playe1. It may be hard for you to believe, but even one of our more empty serve1 have had full and nearly full channels lately. With the introduction of mabinogi to steam, Our community is just larger. Its preposterous for anyone to not see how hard ragnarok is botting. Not to mention all the people who play the private serve1 shouldn&1quo;t even be voting. You&1quo;re not playing the real game, and part of the quality of the real game is the cash shop and customer support offered by the actual company, Both of which PS playe1 don&1quo;t deal with.
    Now at this point, Pirate101 playe1 have probably joined in because theyre butthurt that they lost while cheating too. I&1quo;m not saying 100% mabinogi isn&1quo;t, but it&1quo;s extremely obvious somethings not right when overnight RO jumped from 34% to 58%. Especially co1idering how many votes they had in the fi1t 2 rounds.

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