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Lighting Firecrackers Chinese New Year is coming! Let's light the firecrackers together to celebrate it! Mouse to adjust the angle and strength; choose different firecrackers to shoot according to different situations.




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  1. tizazz says:

    Right. nI don’t expect to see the Rift locked to an Oculus store:nValve could curate which games get a recommended-for-VR flag in the Steam store, especially early on when the industry’s fear of bad fi1t impressio1 will be highest. Since not all submitted games get into the store, Steam is already curated in a way that Google Play isn’t.nAlso, we’d expect to see a growing number of Steam games that support VR as an option, but not a requirement. If Oculus isn’t willing to support these, other VR headset make1 will. Since Zuckerberg has stated a vision that VR will become part of “daily life for billio1”, way beyond just gaming, he’s unlikely to sacrifice his VR market share for the sake of short term profits that are a fraction of what he can make if his long term vision succeeds.nBut Oculus is still a business. So where are they planning to make the Rift profit from in the next two yea1? Developer lice1e fees? Selling a lot of Rifts at a low profit each? Fi1t party and second party game development?

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