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Slap The Bunny Bunnies could be real fun and exciting as pets, but not when they hamper the carrots in your garden and steal them all. Now that they are getting on your nerves, just hammer them all if they ever dare to peep from their burrows.




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  1. sacratoy says:

    Reading all of this and co1idering the con&1quo;s, I still want a Vita. I haven&1quo;t owned any Sony gaming system since the original (non-slim) PS2., and sold myself to the DS and Xbox product lines when I did get new systems, so all things co1idered this surprises me.nTo include the backlogged PSP titles in the download store for purchase, and to create such a powerful device for the price (co1idering the 3DS launched at the same price), it seems like it would be a great dedicated portable gaming device.nThe only thing that I get a bad taste in my mouth over, however, is the lack of some degree of included storage. Not that I&1quo;m demanding dedicated internal storage, but at least the 3DS came with a 2GB SD card. If I were to go for this device, co1idering the size of games, I would probably need to go for the 32GB Vita card, suddenly making the upfront cost near $350 not including games since I would want the Wifi model.nSorry for those who don&1quo;t care about my opinion, but I figured I would comment since I found the appeal in this device even though I&1quo;m not even remotely close to toting the title of Sony Fanboy.nP.s. Also, I&1quo;ll mention here that I also had the opportunity to use/play with this device for about 30 minutes at CES this year.

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