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A Date on a Hill First date! What can be more romantic?! It was a fantastic evening for Kevin and Emily. A real fairy tale where Emily looked so charming and pretty.rnInstructions:rnUse your mouse to click on the buttons and to change numerous clothes items and backgrounds.rnrn




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  1. ibookworm says:

    It’s a long time since the GameCube days when I awaited every bit of Zelda news with the anticipation that came from the knowledge that nothing, nowhere, could match what Zelda would provide. I no longer scrimp and save and buy the Zelda games before I even have the co1ole to run them. At the moment, I’m scrimping and saving to afford PSVR because I want to fly Spitfires in War Thunder and feel as if I’m actually in the cockpit. The occasional War Thunder battle is all I have time for anymore, anyway.nBut I have to say, this honestly looks like everything I ever wanted in a Zelda game. The whole feel of this trailer, the vistas, the mysterious voice, the music, the calm, the wind . . . This is what I want. This is it. This is Zelda.nIt feels like a glimpse of home.

  2. gonzalo says:

    I enjoy playing EverQuest II because i want kick mo1te1 ass

  3. itsallgood! says:

    Given their co1istency, it&1quo;ll be a splendid botched release on 31-10-13! I&1quo;ll wait for it to drop $30 and after patch 3.0 by 1-1-14.

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