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Lunch Time Lunch is one of the important parts of a day. The rest of the day depends on your lunch so you have to make sure that you are eating the best one. It says that you can not have a clear mind when you are hungry so you should check out our food stand before you need the lunch. Burgers, sandwiches, meat, eggs or other stuffs are only few items in our restaurant. Choose the one you like the most and enjoy your lunch break!




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  1. koroth21 says:

    Well truth be told about your question of the week…. I would make a card game like one of the best fighting card games I have played…Final Fantasy 8 card battling. It was one and still is one of my fav card battling games. You have 3×3 board to put your cards down you both dealt 5 to 7 cards and then. Your cards have attack power 1 to 10 or X on the card. Your card damage is on it all the way around it some of them have more then othe1 and some of the cards only have 1 or a few damage points on it. For anyone who has ever played it you would know what I mean. Then you would play three games best 2 out of three win. I would also add in a team battle one to it were you would have a 5×5 board or 6×6 not sure witch yet for a tag team one. So you and your friends can play it. The amount of card you could make for it would be 1000 upon 10000 and etc. You can even add in specials on the card like poison, sleep, slow, burn, frost and all kinds of crazy things. Its one card game that would last forever and would leave all the card games now days crying just sayin lol.

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