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Cloud Wars – Sunny Day A challenger appears! In this addictive Strategy game, the clouds are at war. Clouds have different power, based on their weather conditions.rnrnUPGRADESrnThunder: 3x faster warriorsrnRain: 3x maximum capacityrnSun: 3x faster growthrnrnCONTROLSrnClick or drag to select one or more clouds.rnClick another cloud to send half your warriors for attack.rnHold CTRL to send all warriors from the selected cloud(s).rnPress SPACE to select all clouds.




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  1. LordGideon says:

    I still don’t unde1tand why this is still a story on Polygon. Really? I can’t think of any gamer that’s broke or wealthy who’s going to say “IT COSTS ME A WHOLE DOLLAR PER MONTH FOR STANDBY MODE?!?!? I’M RETURNING THIS CONSOLE RIGHT NOW!”nPlease, Polygon. You’ve got better things to do then to keep posting about this asinine story that really is completely stupid. The NRDC doesn’t seem to be on Samsung or Apple for the power draw that cell phones and tablets use. They’re not on Falcon Northwest or Alienware for the 1 kilowatt and up power supplies going into high end rigs. Why aren’t they all over Maytag and Kitchenaid for drye1 and washing machines that take TONS of power to use?nA1wer: Because people are dumb and will pick up stories like this and make something that is completely irrelevant a big deal. I’m sorry, Polygon, but this story isn’t one – and it wastes everyone’s time.

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