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Go Crash Soldier Go Crash Soldier is an action game that the mission were to rescue all the wounded soldiers on the enemy teritory. Blow enemies rockets and blast through all obstacles. Just beware some of the soldiers were already transformed to zombies. A game by www.goobreak.com.rnrnw/up arrow = uprna/left arrow = leftrnd/right arrow = rightrnmouse = firernspace = teleportrn1,2,3 = change gunsrnp,esc = pause/menu/sound




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  1. DevAce says:

    читаю,перехожу по ссылкам,а клчюка так и нет ! подскажите где рыть ?

  2. Snabel says:

    Great point. I agree with the author it can be good with more complicated bad guys, but the absolutely last thing we need is a morality police with a check list of what types of villai1 are OK and not OK. Aside from it being a little too 1984, it can result in unexpected stupidity.nFavorite example of this is the Sum of All Fea1 by Tom Clancy. In the book, Islamic terrorists hijack planes and run them into US government buildings. In the film with Ben Affleck, the villai1 were changed to Germa1, because it was co1idered improper to assume Islamists would crash planes into buildings (but of cou1e Germa1 would?). This was in April 2001…..nSo yeah. Let’s avoid the morality checklist!

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