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Mystery Skating Dance Tonight there will be held a famous skating dance in the center of the city. Lots of famous stars have been invited to join in this gorgeous skating dance. Cara is a girl who loves skating very much. So she decides to dress up beautifully to attend the mystery skating dance. You need to dress up her well for the dance by selecting one perfect outfit that she likes best and the best skating shoes for her. Moreover, you can also choose one mysterious mask for her. Show us your fashion talent and have fun in this brand new girl dress up game.




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  1. shiromar says:

    Big Zelda fan and SS was my least favorite. It’s an okay game, big on ideas.nThe list is too long but here’s a few.nIt’s too linear.nIn the middle of a boss fight i break a pot and cue jingle pause game because i picked up a pendant. Probable a hardware limitation (at least i hope it was).nThen there’s the controls, I’m not talking about out of sync wiimotes and having to recenter. I can forgive that. When they work, it really is something. I remember opening dolphin and having the nunchuk and wiimote butto1 mapped for OoT and making the swinging motion to throw rocks and nothing happening because I didn’t map motio1, but my muscle memory wanted to make the motion. So that’s a plus I guess.nHere’s the problem though, One on One combat those controls are excellent. When you’re fighting more than one there isn’t a easy way to toggle between enemies. So I found myself swinging and hoping my horizontal cleave would hit the othe1. I remember just finishing Arkham City and being angry multiple enemies wasn’t handled more like that.nNow I know in a game like WW and the bottomless pit in outset island, they threw a truckload of enemies at you but that was 10 yea1 prior to this thing.nC-amera Stick. Oh man do I miss this thing. Not having the C-Stick more than anything made the game feel old to me.nThere’s too much more to complain about. I was expecting more. So much more that kept talking to all the people in Sky Village after I’d clear a dungeon expecting something? Bombe1 Notebook was in 2000 “!” above quest give1 heads has been around since at least 2004.nughh I change my mind. I hate this game.

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