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  1. benduchac says:

    Truly one of the best games I&1quo;ve played all year – I&1quo;m including all platforms in that.nI&1quo;ve haven&1quo;t seen so many truly new ideas in a piece of interactive entertainment since god knows when – half life?? It&1quo;s also a game that shows off and suits the tablet so well that it straight up wouldn&1quo;t work on any other platform. And the fact that there are two apps that play into each other, exposing a whole new game? I1ane. Year walk is the fi1t game that made me draw a page of notes when I was solving it since Myst. I was so blown away I i1tagrammed it. http://i1tagram.com/p/XsflWyGGE1/

  2. Shawnee Ande1on says:

    That’s not how that works. If your account is compromised, all they need is another system to download the ill-gotten goods on to. My account was recently compromised and used to buy NBA2K16 Virtual Credit (I now even have a trophy for it). They are able to do this because I (stupidly) forgot I had linked PayPal to my PSN account name, which mea1 all they needed was log-in information and they could download whatever they wanted on their system.nSONY will not refund you the money (and will in fact punish you if you try to get a chargeback without having the funds in your virtual wallet), and PayPal will deny your claim because (wait for it) you’ve linked your PayPal and PSN accounts so any charge they say (since it’s pre-authorized) can not possibly be fraudulent.nThis change is long over do.

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