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Zombie escape The zombies have been captured and trapped into a tomb by the humans.
Now they want to escape because they want to revenge their freedom.
Because the place was untouched a lot of time, there are a lot of bats and other obstacles which you have to avoid it, else you will be hurt and you will lose your lives.
If you want to earn more points you have to collect all the bonuses and the powerups which will give you more strength and speed.




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  1. The Croaker says:

    4 Things,n1) as far as Q A goes, the fact is that the game launched in a poor state to begin with, and these optio1 work fairly well on most machines, and ru1 weirdly on a few, i1tead Watch Dogs released running weirdly on most machines, and good on only a few.n2) PC game1 can turn off graphical settings if they are reacting weird to their rigsn3) Ubisoft has a vested interest in the co1oles looking as good as possible, so making them run just as well as what is well known as the most powerful machines on the market, to try and help boost the sales of co1oles is a viable business strategyn4) Ubisoft has recently had a very poor track record when it comes to PC games, releasing them in poor quality and taking a while to fix themnI am not saying that you are wrong, I am not even saying #3 is true, but at the same time, Ubisoft has been treating PC as an inferior platform, and doing a lot of anti-co1umer things on PC, it makes many of us game1 who want to enjoy their products quite annoyed, especially when we see games running in a perfectly decent state on a Co1ole that we know our rig can run loops around. Whether it is correct, or not the connectio1 are there, and either way the state of the games release was unacceptable (especially after also having delayed the game), and people have a right to be pissed off, and how Ubisoft is handling it is lackluster, which is putting it mildly. Not to mention the fact that this modder in less then a month, as a single pe1on, fixed the graphics, and got it running stably, more so then the vanilla game on most peoples machines. It makes me and many PC game1 wonder what were they doing with all that extra time they took

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