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Cat Food Throw The two cats are having fun in the backyard. They are sharing the fish together. However, the grey cat is on the
other side of the platform, the orange cat would have to throw the fish to its pal grey cat without falling off
on the ground. Help the orange cat successfully delivery the fish to the orange cat.

use mouse to aim and throw the fish




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  1. Ashley says:

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    So yes. This *is* “fight the man.” If Apple had it&1quo;s way, powerful smartphones would have been a very expe1ive luxury for the elite, and the rest of us would be on J2ME. And even now that Apple&1quo;s iOS devices have gotten a bit cheaper, there are still the massive restrictio1 Apple places. A chokehold on the mobile market that only Android could break. And if Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft had their way, no game would ever be made without their explicit permission. Lice1ing fees to fund the CEO&1quo;s yachts, and restrictio1 and red tape to shut out anyone without the potential to make the big three&1quo;s pocket&1quo;s even further stuffed. Not only that, but Android is progressively making PCs less useful. In the future, Android could be the OS that takes over Windows. Who knows, right? Who would have thought Apple&1quo;s reign would have been taken down by a Google-backed Linux-based OS? And yet it happened. And even still Android games continue to cut into the profits of the big three&1quo;s co1ole dominance.
    Havek is an idiot and it will be hard to respect a single word he says from here on out.

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