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Yummy Fruit Pizza Today it's special day at the Zoo, we're going to celebrate the five years anniversary from when the Zoo had first opened and for this special occasion we're going to cook a special pizza recipe. All the people and even the animals are very excited so you definitely want to prepare them a yummy fruit pizza. Take some bananas, kiwi and other delicious fruits and ingredients, follow the recipe step by step and by the final stage of the game you should have one tasty pizza just ready to be served. Enjoy!




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  1. Zipper says:

    I have two friends that are level 30 in LoL and theyre actually pretty good at the game going 11-2 on average. Coming from them, they say leage is a lot easier than hon. Also, for one of my friends, he has never played dota nor hon. He played LoL fi1t. When he started to play HoN, he got crushed. Even after a few months of playing hon, he still isnt that great going 1-6 average. The other friend that played LoL played dota fi1t, then LoL, and hon last. So naturally he has experience in moba games and he agrees also that hon is a lot more difficult. If anyone has played hon before lol, i guarentee you that they&1quo;ll say lol is a lot easier. LoL&1quo;s graphics are shit on low setting but if its maxed it looks really really nice i have to agree on that. Its unique. Hon&1quo;s graphics are typical. LoL goes be elo system for ranking. Hon goes with MMR. Everyone starts with 1500 which is average. In my pe1onal opinion, the better playe1 are roughly 1850+ MMR. Might i add you get +/- 5 points at most per games. A hon 1650 MMR friend of mine tried playing LoL and he got to 2000 elo in a few weeks, and 1650 MMR is an average rating. I onnly played rougly 3 games of LoL because i couldnt get into it, but thats my opinion and im not bashing the game, but ive never heard any of my friends that play both LoL and HoN that HoN is easier than LoL.Though, some of them say LoL is more fun which is fine. I havent played LoL long enough to say anything about it.There&1quo;s just way too much difference in between the two games to even compare the two. Ive only talked about the difficulty of LoL compared to HoN and thats the least of the difference

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