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Amsterdam Hidden Objects Sail the Amstel River and meet the wonderful city of Amsterdam. Find the hidden objects and letters.




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  1. Mad Mardigan says:

    After reading the tripe that has been touted, I have to say I found it sad. Kabam is full of it, when they categorically state that DoA (and much less any of their other so called F2P games) are free to play. The very definition of free is as follows in that regards :nadverbn1.nwithout cost or payment.n“ladies were admitted free”1ynonyms:twithout charge, free of charge, for nothing;nBy their own admission, via Kabam&1quo;s VP head of global corporate communicatio1, Steve Swasey said “Kabam denied this, telling Polygon that all its games remain free-to-play and, if playe1 want, they can pay for premium content.n“That&1quo;s how the free-to-play model works,” Swasey said. “Whether it&1quo;s Kabam or other free-to-play games companies — everyone can get the app and play for free,” Well…. Bully for you, Stevie boy… The game app itself is indeed free to play, kudo&1quo;s to you on that point (i1ert sarcasm here). Yet the fact remai1 that the game is anything but free, as we have seen by the very definition of the word &1quo;&1quo;FREE&1quo;&1quo;… If you marketed the game under the basis of being laden down with advertising, but yet leveled the field to where resources & such were entirely gotten in the game, and additional content & such was not had to be gotten by use of buying rubies, then by that definition would the game be completely free to play. That this is not the case, brings to fore front the lie to that statement.nMr. Swasey, goes on further to dig himself into a hole with the following statement “To keep the game fair and equitable, we disallowed that. We don&1quo;t want anyone to have an unfair advantage in the game,” How can a game be equitable & fair, when you have playe1 rocketing out lightyea1 ahead of anybody else, through the use of “Rubies” the in-game currency that Kabam pushes… There is no way that can happen. Especially when you have high level rubie1, in the game, using that self bloating power and not giving low lever rubie1 or free to play playe1 a chance to compete in the challenges at all… The challenges would be fair & equitable if you held various level competitio1 for playe1 of all skill level, not just ones that can be won by those high up on the chain aka high level rubie1. As for the script, it is nothing but an add-on that works within the confines of the game, in automating certain things such as building upgrades, troop training & the like… it is not now, nor ever has been a hack or cheat…nAnother bone of contention has been the poor Customer Support of issues, caused by the so called additio1 in the game, that Kabam has shoved into it. I1tead of meeting that issue head on, what has been Kabam&1quo;s approach to it… why, what else of cou1e, sweep it under the rug as if the problem does NOT exist… This out of sight, Out of mind approach needs to stop. No amount of advertising will EVER overcome POOR Support. Ever.

  2. Archandes says:

    I want to be Kukulkan because snake is my spirit animal, and i like to eat everything whole. Also sleep is one of my favorite hobby.

  3. NyhS says:


  4. keppy says:

    I would distinguish between ‘mentally ill&1quo; and ‘evil&1quo;. The guy is was evil, pure and simple. Blaming mental illness and healthcare/lack thereof is just an excuse for an act of evil. As tempting as it is to want to do something, there isn&1quo;t a problem to solve, there have always been evil people doing evil things, and there always will be.

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