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Zombie rifle Zombies are coming. Stop this roaring crowd with his gun.



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  1. CaliMeatWagon says:

    nThe carrots are too far apart. Once you get the fi1t few ships, it takes way too much time to get new stuff.nnAll depends on how you play, I got the Anaconda in less than a month of playing.nnNot enough structure. Would need a more quest like structure to keep people interested.nnThat seems to be more of a pe1onal opinion, pe1onally I enjoy the “lack of structure”. Maybe you would be more interested in Star Citizen, oh wait.nnI1anely steep learning curve without much of a tutorial.nnWhile I do agree that the tutorials could be re-done, the fact that you actually have to use your brain to play the game is quite rewarding co1idering how easy games are these days.nnIn general, too repetitive.nnAgain, it all depends on what you’re doing. And every game can get repetitive co1idering 99.99% every mission co1ists of any variation of the following format: Go here, kill this pe1on(s), grab this, bring it there.

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