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Highway Race in Egypt Driving a motorcycle on a desert highway through desolate deserts of Egypt. rnTo reach the destination must avoid all obstacles with which you are changing lanes on the highway. rnBe careful not to run out of fuel, if you reap as many canisters of gasoline when you have a full tank almost all the time.rnGood Luck!




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  1. jason.schultz says:

    Here’s a good one B.O.2 fa1 on the PS3…I’ve had my PS3 for less then 6 months. BO2 started freezing up today and from restarting my PS3 to many times, it had to be reformatted becuase of file corruption. After reformating I still could not do anything, I kept getting error codes galore. Call up Playstation and now there is a service tag and it’s getting sent back, I can’t do anything!!! Yet before Black Ops 2 the system was great. YET ACTIVISION says it’s nothing to do with their patch and game. BS!! My playstation was fine before black ops started freezing and restarting my PS3!!! THANKS!

  2. Marie Loa says:

    Your name on a game and a slice of profit isn’t a substitute for a fair wage but that’s generally what indie studios or small projects start with… I unde1tand this is making news because his dad is rich but the whole “starting a project with people on the internet in the hopes of having a break through” isn’t exactly news. Not sure this is any different then the million other game projects started in online forums by other teenage1.

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