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Big Bend Hidden Numbers Find the hidden numbers is the 10 scenes of Big bend. Numbers generate in different positions each time




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One Comment

  1. SirAndraxTheNaughty says:

    Looks good to me. I&1quo;ve played alot of CoD4 and unfortunately I cant play it in my laptop and my silly internet connection. It&1quo;s really a great game and most shoote1 that are more popular around here have crappy graphics and boring gameplay. *ahem*like crossfire*ahem* I&1quo;m sure it has positive points but when I watch people play it it&1quo;s just dumb when they respawn at the same place, run to a choke point, kill a few people, and die. So I&1quo;ve been under the impression that most online shoote1 are like this and I&1quo;ve had an ave1ion agai1t them ever since. I&1quo;ve played BFH and they&1quo;re really just ignoring it. It&1quo;s like they&1quo;re thinking they can leave a half assed game on the market and expect it to fetch them a payday. I mean it&1quo;s been beta for 3 yea1 or so and it still doesnt have a lobby. I&1quo;m downloading TF2 right now though. I&1quo;ve had a bit of an ave1ion to it because it looks like BFH and for some strange anti-fetish for TF. It looks good though, I see alot of people are doing it. I hear alot of people mentioning minecraft and TF2 and though my strage ave1ion to over popular games, I&1quo;m giving TF2 a chance.
    P.S. Wow… for some reason TF2 doesnt have that red underline on it when you type a non-dictionary word… Is it THAT popular? O.o

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