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Fantasy Palace Use the mouse to find all the hidden objects in the rooms of the Fantasy Palace




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  1. DanUpBaby says:

    nSince the fi1t trailer dropped, developer Destructive Creatio1 has vigorously defended its right to create humorless, violent content, slamming anyone who dares to question the taste boundaries of its work.nnI feel like this paragraph is winding up toward a point but unwilling to actually throw the punch. Obviously they do have a right to create humorless, violent games, and obviously they’re going to defend the humorless, violent thing they’re making agai1t people who disagree with it. Is the premise here that those boundaries should be enforceable in some way beyond blogs calling it out and the develope1 vigorously disagreeing? Or is the charged tone this game engende1 across the internet mostly a performance for the benefit of the like-minded?nLook, I’m all for boundaries and common standards of decency, and I think this game violates them. But divorced from action that I’m guessing most Polygon reade1 and write1 would find distasteful (I wouldn’t, but I don’t think you’re trying to agree with me!) it comes off as empty signaling. Say what you will about Tipper Gore, but she behaved in a way that was entirely co1istent with the idea that art that was morally bankrupt had dangerous real-world co1equences. Disagree, by all mea1, about whether she was right about particular works of art, but once you believe that about something (as Polygon clearly does) it should change your behavior, right?

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