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Baby Diaper Change Baby Timmy was taking his afternoon nap while his mother sensed a smell coming from Timmy s diaper. In this baby game you have to help the mother of Timmy to change his diaper without waking him up. If he wakes up try to be fast because he usually cries when someone is changing his diaper. Follow each step in order to keep Timmy clean and satisfies. After you change the diaper play with him for a while with his favorite toys. He is a fun baby and I am sure you will love him!




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  1. cosmikDebris says:

    This is a shame. I can afford $60 for the game plus $180 a year but why would I? As an adult with a family now I have better stuff I could spend it on. Why can’t they make a game with an offline play option which is what Elder Scrolls is all about?nI’ve been playing Elder Scrolls since Daggerfell – I still love Morrowind, Skyrim was good, but this is a travesty. They totally sold out on this one and it’s totally ignorant for any old school fan of ES to accept this as anything less than greed. The sad thing is, while their number of playe1 will drop, their revenue will increase.nBethesda has sold out with Zenimax’s blessing.nI’d rather start playing any of the several MMORPGs that have been “pay to play” for a decade or more and have proven to not be buggy – and I can guarantee ESO will be buggy for a good while, and chances are they won’t make another online-only ES.

  2. aqaq says:

    lol i knew spunkify was going join mmobomb because it the right thing for him to do and for us to see him on a great site like this and magicmen plz put him on your freetoplaycast because it will be awesome to see him there.

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