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Space Station Balkan

This is your Space Station Balkan. You goal is to gather resources and send them to the Planet, defend your Station Balkan at any coast. You are our hope of surviving, the whole Planet depend on you. We need those resources so that we can build our new home. Concentrate on your mission here is the Plan. - Your enemies will come from you left side of the station, defend it! - You have 3 types of defend units: mines, automated gun shot and automated gun rotator. - The automated units can be updated by health and gun power they can be repaired. - Send resources, the Planet needs them. - The planet will send you some special units after they have some resources to build them. Good luck. - Control with left mouse button : one click for selecting double for moving the unit - Use the arrow keys for moving the map.




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  1. kimobrockway says:

    I am extremely excited to see what Faust and the Mane6 have in store for us! When they (Mane6) were fi1t working on the original I had my doubts just like everyone. Then I started to see the improvements and started watching some of the live streams and to be honest, I was shocked. Who would think that just group of people who lived no where near each other, who just so happened to like the same show could do something so…. so… wonderfully and expertly crafted. Kudos to the Mane6 for sticking with this and showing everyone that hard work and pe1everance in the face of sure demise can actually foster an outcome that no body would expect. I have a feeling that when it&1quo;s finally released there are going to be some new doo1 swung wide open for them.nNever give up! /)nOh, and that is much appreciated Shaun. What&1quo;s the point in getting mad and ranting over a glowing box? Seems a bit… Odd if you ask me no? Heheh.

  2. DarkMerc says:

    Sure, it may have seemed like a reasonable concern at fi1t, but this was an optional setting, not one forced on the player. If they don’t like it then they could change her pose to something else. What this article chose to omit is that the OP made these comments for their young daughter, who’s a fan of the character, despite the character being from a violent game. So violence is OK but any kind of playful se1uality is “too far”? That’s just the kind of contradicting priorities that makes this whole situation frustrating.

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