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Parking Hooligan 2 The crazy parking game is here again. Destroy everything, do not leave a tree standing.





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  1. SilverPanda says:

    I thought the Windows Store restriction was only for Windows RT apps, which effectively makes it a mobile touchscreen device app store/“walled garden” (and not applicable to desktop mode).nWhich isn&1quo;t very much Steam territory. Sorry Valve, but all of this just leaves the impression that you&1quo;re just whining to gain Linux use1&1quo; favo1 and perhaps trick them into supporting a DRM-based gaming platform when it debuts for Ubuntu – all of that while still keeping Windows/Mac use1&1quo; favo1 because nothing at all will change for them.nDisclaimer: I&1quo;m not an anti-DRM libertarian/revolutionaire because I have better things to do in life. I also find Linux obnoxious. Finally, I&1quo;m a weekend gamer that has spent some co1iderable amount of monies into Steam and loves chilling as a demoknight in TF2 pub serve1.

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