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Monkey Kong In this game, you are a little chimp called Monkey Kong. Join him in his adventure to navigate through 16 action-packed levels of thick rain forest. Collect all fruits and avoid obstacles like statues, crabs, grenades and dangerous spikes. Be aware, sometimes your enemies and obstacles are well hidden. Stay alive and survive.rnHave fun and play some games.rnAnother great game brought to you by agames.org. Enjoy and share with your friends. Love us or hate us, but follow us, like us, G+ us.rn




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  1. MajinNegro says:

    I agree 100% with this opinion. I think thats one of the reaso1 Duke Nukem Forever tanked so bad, it didn’t stay true to form. It tried so hard to appeal to Cod fanboys. The environments were bland, there was a two weapon maximum, there was regenerating health, and the comedy was lackluster at best as well as the gunplay. Im sure Doom will do well as long as it stays true to form, just like Wolfe1tein.

  2. EvilSarkastodon says:

    The Penny Arcade reality show had a full episode which tested the contestants’ ability to read and negotiate contracts: http://www.penny-arcade.com/strip-search/episode/contractual-obligatio1nFunny how that show helped and trained its contestants to avoid bad contracts while this one actively tried to force them into one. A game jam reality show could be amazing if it were done like Strip Search. There the people producing the show unde1tood the medium and the culture and genuinely wanted to make a good, honest product for their audience.

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