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Oscar Event The skill game is real fun which would leave you in splits each time you watch an Oscar award show in the forthcoming years. Now just get in and nominate your favorite actor and get him the winning edge, by, er… pushing him too hard.





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  1. wolferey says:

    Don&1quo;t mistake nice comments for everything is going good and the single voice is wrong. How many might have looked at this article, found the experience horrible for them and just left without commenting? The initial comment might not be co1tructive, but I totally agree with is respo1e, stacking both articles side by side all while blurring out whichever isn&1quo;t in focus made this pretty hard to read, and just does a disservice to the reader in my opinion.

  2. Jayde Chandler says:

    I think its a great idea and all you lose1, that are complaining about crashing and technical problems, the problems are lying your pcs with all your illegal games, cracks, hacking software. The games only protecting itself agai1t all the ppl that will ruin it!!!

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