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Pig Rider Ride like a pig and kill skeletons in this funny platform game.




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One Comment

  1. jashwanthms says:

    hi new mmobomb cast i kind like you beat age of wushu like it was trash it is not it has bug it other stuff yes but there other asspect of game u have no idea of accoding to them only realsed 50% content and i cant get through them even play 6 to 8 hou1 day there so much fun stressful asspect lie school where chance lose your school legendary weapon and in school each on its own so the war take place 4 maps and amount people that play the game i dont think it is failing the server are always full they though 2 was good but it got full they made 2 more still all server full and only thing like is random enconter it like win favor npc ( it very hard i cant tell how ) by give him item he has triggering 1% out of 100% u need get gossip about u need good or eveil bcos his friend if trigger the item migth priceless or cant not be got in game any other way than get him like there few enconter there do quest which can be got only ones per charecter . so pls go indepth to the game before beat it it has flying skill most set cant be targeted u have play action oriented and few slow bcos they do more damage few are fast bcos they do low damage and rage and array systerm all good one pls read before u ever make comment like that

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