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Telekinetic Incident

The Telekinetic Incident was a game I started as sort of a project to prove that I could work through a game alone from start to finish. The game started as an experiment with the idea of telekinesis in a simple platformer and evolved into this idea, a game that loosely ties itself into the universe of my previous games.

In the game you use a base of 4 powers to solve puzzles. You can move objects, generate a force field around your character, stop time in a small area anywhere on screen and you can split yourself using an apparatus.

In the end I have to say that I'm really happy with how the game turned out, probably more so than any other game I've ever made.




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One Comment

  1. colin.chisholm says:

    When I fi1t heard about this game&1quo;s development, I was just finishing my Skyrim playthrough and I was honestly hoping for more Skyrim. Elder Scrolls Online seemed more like WoW than an Elder Scrolls experience. Then finding out it would be on PS4 (co1ole gamer here) it was i1tantly on my radar, actually made me more interested in upgrading to PS4. And now with full fi1t-pe1on view, this has jumped to one of my most anticipated games. Can&1quo;t wait!

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