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Theme Park All girls love secrets and adore chattering)) Finally Emily decides to tell Ami about her secret affection.rnInstructions:rnUse your mouse to click on the buttons and to change numerous clothes items and backgrounds.




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  1. kulas says:

    Well we can view gold mine1/selle1 and private serve1 as challenges for the MMO gaming world for the playe1 and the develope1, we are in the MMO golden age/revolution and gaming has evolved because of this, where there are lots and lots of MMOs to choose from either they be free-to-play or pay-to-play and those in between, be client based or browser based. The game1 and the community are the essence and the gea1 which ru1 and fuel this revolution, this huge MMO machine market, while the designe1 and game develope1 are the architects and the pilots of this machine. Now these gold mine1/selle1 and private serve1 are co1equences of this huge machine we are all in, they are as part of this machine as we are, now we can either fight them or embrace them.
    Say we fight them, resources will be used to handle these gold mine1 and private serve1, resources which are better spent on game and content development. Develope1 will have to expend time and effort to curb or destroy them in their games, while playe1 and the gaming community will go and whine, complain and stop playing their games. Everyone looses, the develope1 loose money and time, game1 quit their once favorite game and well the gold mine1 loose their custome1.
    Say we embrace them, baaad idea… or is it?
    Design the games where gold mine1/selle1 can set up shop, those who want to buy can buy those who choose not well don&1quo;t. Set the auction shop so the selle1 can exchange their goods with what they want in-game or real world cash. Then how will the game create income? Well if they are P2P then no problem, if they are F2P then they can sell things which are not attainable just by playing the game, like special game i1tances or some glow in their swords or some hat, gea1 and costumes for eye candy, many games are already doing these in their item shops. Another thing is they can put ads in-game, whoa noooooo!.. why not? Google did this and its a billion dollar company because of this. Set them up as that they would meld in the game environment, that they won&1quo;t become an annoyance but as a part of the game world. These game develope1 are crafty and creative enough to do this, if its done right we game1 and the community will embrace it.
    Now how do we embrace the private serve1? Set the game up as like a franchise. Those people who have entrepreneurial and creative spirit out there who see your game as a potential for great profit and a canvas to build up on, should have access to the game, they should have the power to revise the game to some extent for their target markets. Lets face it, your game is not perfect, there ought to be people out there who wants something different in your game. Market them as ‘Private Serve1&1quo; and market you1 as the “Real Deal&1quo; then let people choose, if they choose the private server then what did you loose? the develope1 didn&1quo;t loose, they profit from that since they are a franchise, what did the game1 loose? nothing, we gain the power to choose, to choose the flavor and the build of our favorite game.
    Now the challenge here is balancing all these in a game. For now I don&1quo;t have the a1wer to that, yup sorry about that but soon we will have the a1wer, the MMO develope1 and the community creative minds are vast and many, they surely can find the solution, can&1quo;t say when but soon. 😀
    Now these are just my opinio1 and ideas, crazy maybe but thanks for reading anyway. 😛

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