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Cargo Dock Racers Set yourself free from a situation that you did not want to get into, the illegal races on the cargo dock. Now that you are in you have to get out and the only way is to win all the races, but that is no easy task, there are explosive barrels and land mines all over the place, so you have to be careful. You get some help from the power-ups spread through the course of the race but you have to rely mostly on your driving skills. Good luck.




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  1. FadedWolve says:

    I need to ride a boar because i need to go save hyrule from bowser who has tooken the princess of hyrule but to do that i need a mount because ganondorf stole empona from lon lo1 ranch and if i dont get the mount then i wont be able to save hyrule, the princess and the world from the destruction. oh and btw another reason i need it is because if i dont travel to clocks town the moon will kill us all just saying…

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