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Diamonds Mine Click on a group of 2 or more same types of diamonds to dig them out! Dig out the stated number diamonds to progress to the next level! Find and dig out the green diamonds for extra score! Watch out, you have limited number of digs in each level! Get the best score possible and submit it to see who is the best!




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  1. TurtleTreats says:

    It’s an interesting move. I’m kind of glad that Nintendo is focusing all of its software development effort on the NX i1tead of trying to give the failing Wii U a good last year. It’s a little refreshing that they aren’t even pretending to have a full slate of titles for Wii U and 3DS this year.nThe big question is why isn’t the NX present at E3? It’s a little worrying, since it seems to show they aren’t ready yet. The fall 2016 launch was always a dream, but it’s highly unusual to be less than a year away from the launch with no public information about the system. Hopefully they’ll still be using E3 to scope out the competition and court development partne1.nI’ll be very interested to see what type of hardware they come out with. The main goal of the NX seems to be to allow Nintendo to support both their co1ole and handheld business simultaneously. In the past they’ve had trouble releasing enough fi1t party games for both systems at the same time to enable good sales in the absence of strong third party support. With the NX, Nintendo aims to finally enable themselves to create a successful system supported entirely by fi1t party content. What I’ll be interested in seeing is whether the NX hardware is designed to allow easy ports of Xbox One and PS4 content or if Nintendo has given up entirely on wooing the other big 3rd party publishe1.

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