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Granny Olltwit in Canary Rescue

To move Granny use the arrow keys. To make her jump press the Shift key. Eat cabbages to build up Granny's gas level as she has no real weapons except her wits and her rather unpleasant flatulence problem which is lethal to the zombies. To release the gas build up press the F key on your keyboard.




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One Comment

  1. Dubec le Croat says:

    I was also one of the 20% who failed to save her, and it hurt, though nothing like what you must have felt co1idering your difficult experience.nIf it helps, even in my playthrough, I think it is wrong to say that Max failed to save Kate. Everybody failed to save Kate, and Max came closest to not failing.nI think that’s probably true as well for your pe1onal experience. You did your utmost to save her, and you might be the one who came closest to helping her. Most people wouldn’t have felt they failed… because most people wouldn’t have even tried.nP.S. I don’t mean by this to cast respo1ibility on other people when somebody chooses to take his or her life. Just that even if we had to assign blame, giving it to the people trying their hardest to help would be a strange place to start.

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