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Back To Planet Earth Back to Planet Earth is a brand new game that will offer you the challenge to travel throughout the Solar System using a map that goes around 7 Planets, from Pluto back to Earth. With great graphics, unique cool wallpapers and proper sounds, this is a high quality game that has the power to challenges different groups of players. Despite your different age, your mouse skills and your power of staying focus on the target are now under the pressure. The story of the game is represented by and aline who is traveling across the Universe looking for his mates who disappear here one hundred years ago. Help him advance in this great trip and reach the target of the game by collecting all the points and upgrades that will help him unlock the next maps and planets. At the first look the game might look easy but we assure that you will be able to get some good headaches! Challenge yourself and see how far can you go in a record time. Use the mouse to move the alien and stay away from the walls, or you will lose your life and you will start over from the very first move of the playing level.




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  1. Army of Meat says:

    Legendary was the fi1t game that I bought on a Steam sale where I wanted my money back, and I paid like $1.75 for it. I&1quo;m not particularly hopeful for this.

  2. VoxyGon says:

    I’d say this is less of a ‘mid-cycle’ refresh and a whole new cycle for Microsoft. This will put Scorpio’s release at 4 yea1 after the One, which is pretty much a whole cycle. (The 360 and PS3 cycles were long by historical standards).nAnyway, this is exciting. I am a PS4 owner with intentio1 of getting PSVR, but new hardware on the horizon is going to make me think twice. This is a good move by Microsoft, especially since it sounds like they are leveraging the stuff AMD is making on the 14 NM process. This hardware has the potential to last a long time, so might be worth an investment. (look how long AMD and nVidia were stuck on the 28 NM process!)

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