Elf Story is a point-n-click adventure that's heavy in art/animation. A very simple game to get into, and one that almost everyone can ap..

The Mystic Journey is a platformer game but with stunning traps and hidden tiles.Player's mystic path makes this platformer more interesting..
Tusker Ride is most viral and a game that delivers most challenging game play. Player is supposed to make the tusker keep moving with out ge..
Digital Discovery is an awesome designed puzzle game. A hidden object kind of game where the digiscts are being hidden with in the back grou..
Bug Mario is an ultimate truly endless Platformer. Player is supposed to avoid colliding with bugs or insects around him and keep moving aro..
Here is a game that is most viral and a game that delivers most challenging and fun element to the dimension of entertainment. Player is sup..
Garden Pong is evergreen pong kind of game presented in an awesome way. Simple and smart the player is supposed to control the Green paddle ..
The primary objective of the game is to make the flyer cartoon
to move around and keep alive without colliding with enemies. You can c..
The game has got two toon characters of a John and Jessi, who is supposed to carry the toys to the destination. They can't leave apart each ..
Mouse and Monster is a funny platformer. The game is designed to entertain children in specific with cartoon style mouse and monster charact..
Featured Games
  • Brain Sequence

    Brain Sequence

    Brain Sequence
  • Eco Sports Drive

    Eco Sports Drive

    Eco Sport car is waiting for you. Drive the car on the road and avoid dashing other car. Try to go as much as ..
  • Hidden Numbers

    Hidden Numbers

    - Find Numbers - simply find all the numbers above the board! It's similar to playing word search games, only ..
  • Morning Bun

    Morning Bun

    Every morning I\'m searching in my fridge for something tasty to eat. This morning I woke up with a new recipe..
  • Mummy Busters

    Mummy Busters

    Mummy Busters is a platform game where you must kill all mummies by guiding them to their demise.

  • Killroom


    An alien army is invading earth. Your job as a weapons engineer is to build a killroom to protect yourself.rnr..
  • Magicians


    You play as a Magician who is stuck in a dungeon after a trick goes wrong.

    Use your powers to contr..
  • Flappy Cupido

    Flappy Cupido

    Flappy Cupido is a fly and jump game in the style of Flappy Bird. Left mouse click to flap the Cupid and fly t..
  • Extreme Fun

    Extreme Fun

    It’s amazing to watch the real snowboarders. Nia gets constant attention through her board skills and fabulo..
  • Christmas Squirrel

    Christmas Squirrel

    Christmas Squirrel adventure. A great two players game developed by www.anolegames.com. Christmas is coming. T..