You are a rectangle, you know triangle and circle are pretty dangerous, so you have to avoid them to survive. Good look rectangle!

Enter a hexagonal world that pulses to the music while using your mouse and visual memory to navigate.

An extraordinary voyage around the world... and beyond!

Avoid perilous enemies... or fight them head on!

Collect wo..

Game objectives:


Deep withing space, the player has to navigate a spaceship through various levels of blue platf..

Conqueror is an RPG, where the player is supposed to reach the palace by avoiding some enemies and achieving some gold and respect. Game is ..
Reduce the size of the red balls hold your mouse over them.rnAvoid situations - when you hold your mouse over the ball and at the same time ..

You have to avoid squares to fly as far as it is possible. Use the left mouse button to accelerate.

Use arrow keys to avoid the flesh eating stars and get the best possible score.
Pumpkin Hat is a nice halloween highscores game in which you must survive as long as possible by collecting the pumpkins by your hat and avo..
A fast-paced dodging/racing highscore-based game.
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