Drag the Santa's shadow to set the power. Release dragging to make him jump in the sky. Collect all Xmas gifts, Escape from obstacles and da..
This is a tetris type valentine's day themed game where you need to make a carbon picture. Each time some piece of the picture will be avail..
This is a magnificent Xmas matching game with fun and great challenge. Swap adjacent blocks to line up 3 or more same colored items next to..
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    Treasure Rush Miner

    Collect the object of similar type by placing the mouse over them. Place the collected object in their require..
  • Astroback


    The Astroback is adventure. Adventure into uncharted planet. Our hero has crashed and he had to explore this n..
  • Happy Birthday Party Makeup

    Happy Birthday Party Makeup

    Annie is invited to her best friend’s birthday party; she wants to be a chic girl! Now please help her chosi..
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    Auto Show Parking

    Did you ever attend to an auto parking show? Did you notice there is a lot of activity down there? Well, the t..
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    Sweet Baby Bathing

    Sweet Baby Bathing is extremely fun free on the web game for tiny kids. This sweet baby is preparing for playi..
  • The Empires 2

    The Empires 2

    Your kingdom is under attack once again, build up your empire and defend your citizens from certain doom.rnUse..
  • 20 Sizes

    20 Sizes

    20 Sizes is a minimalistic fast paced highscores game that will check your visual abilities, simple to play bu..
  • Jets Force Defensive

    Jets Force Defensive

    Jets Force Defensive is a cool action game. Imagine that you are in a fight mission and you have to destroy al..
  • Gemwars


    Please see HOW TO PLAY section for detailed information about the game!

    Basically click on a group ..
  • Stickman Mafia

    Stickman Mafia

    In a city ruled by the Mafia, either you are with them or against them. In your case, owingrnthem thousands in..