In the future, humans are no longer fighting each other. We find a way to unite all of mankind. We declare an ambitious mission that everyon..
Stack devils on one another to make high tower. Don't drop devils into the lava.
In 2020, the forces and rebels are fighting for seizing the rest resources,they fight against each other at all costs.Who is the final victo..
The Toy Way is one of the best strategy and puzzle game, where it comes up with 18 challenging levels for the player's brain. Player is supp..
Shaman Tactics is an original strategy game that will let you control the great shaman in his quest of saving his friends from the bad guys...
Red Thief is a turn-based stealth game. To complete a job, you must collect all the coins. However, how you go about it is up to you. Do you..
Jill and Jane are two young soldier girls who serve in the army of severe regine. Help girls to capture the territory in the panzer!
The first hospital's service was a big success, and has built bigger than previous. Help the nurse to take care of the patients. Reach the d..
Resist the human invasion on your home planet by using the Freedom Tower to destroy all attacking forces. Buy upgrades, unlock achievements,..
Match 3 game for high score play. No win or lose, just play as long as you like. Quick links give you higher scores, that you can submit. Mo..
Featured Games
  • SL Zombie ShotZ

    SL Zombie ShotZ

    SL Zombie ShotZ. Shoot the Zombies and Save Earth.
    Arrows = Fly. Up Arrow = Thust. Spacebar = Fire.

  • Tic-Tac-Logic Light Vol 1

    Tic-Tac-Logic Light Vol 1

    Each puzzle consists of a grid containing X's and O's in various places. The object is to place X or O in rema..
  • Target target

    Target target

    It is time to test how good you can aim. Aim at the balloons and throw the knife. Left mouse click to throw th..
  • Balloon Tangle

    Balloon Tangle

    Your balloons are all tangled up! Untangle them so they can fly away! This interesting logic game has many lev..
  • Last Minute Makeover – Scientist

    Last Minute Makeover – Scientist

    This cute scientist is going to do some important research at the lab today but she's running a bit late! Can ..
  • Inventive Ami

    Inventive Ami

    Laboratory seems to be a second home for Ami. None of the extreme experiments or explosions can stop her. Ami ..
  • Cheese Time

    Cheese Time

    Are you the b-rat who does anything to hang with cheeses? Then crack these challenges and win them all. Match ..
  • Trekking Adventures Dressup

    Trekking Adventures Dressup

    Trekking is a much loved hobby of young people, offering great moments, going on trails through the mountains...
  • People


    Gather up your peeps and explore in this short adventure featuring dynamic music. Use WASD or arrow keys to mo..
  • Winter Party

    Winter Party

    The winter animals need to survice on the ice as long as possible. Created connected groups of 5 or more anima..