Mouse to shoot, Space to use gun sight, R to reload, 123 to switch weapons.
Try to stay alive in an zombie infested city. Every building can be entered, some are occupied by survivors who may buy and sell items, oth..

An exciting action game with a lot of enemies and quests!
Go through the zombie-infested locations to the safe bunker!

To move Granny use the arrow keys. To make her jump press the Shift key. Eat cabbages to build up Granny's gas level as she has no real w..

You are riding a Truck. You are in a desert platform full of zombies monsters and all kinds of crap. Your break is almost failed. Only wa..

Upgrade your gun & kill all zombies... as simple as that...rnrnGame Features:rnUpgradeable all-in-one shotgun.rn11 cute and adorable zombie ..
Addictive zombie survival game in space setting.rnSkills, level-ups, different weapons and achievements... And plenty of angry zombies to rn..
Demon themed first person shooter game. Play as a hero on a mission to survive the demon attack. Shoot your way through 10 waves of demon as..

SL Zombie ShotZ. Shoot the Zombies and Save Earth.
Arrows = Fly. Up Arrow = Thust. Spacebar = Fire.

Stay alive as long as you can and earn as much money as possible to see how you rank among other survivors. Shoot and kill the zombies to ea..
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